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차세대 DaaS(Desktop as a Service)

elcloud is a fast and secure next generation could service, Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

You can use your own virtual desktop by connecting it from any device anytime, anywhere.
The virtual desktop allows you to use its programs or documents on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at work or on the move.
The virtual desktop is protected by its triple protection system, and even if you disconnect from it, the screen remains intact until you reconnect to it.

Enjoy a convenient virtual desktop with the reinvented elcloud 2.0 !



New 3D graphics

Dedicated GPU acceleration has been added to the virtual desktop so that high quality, high-end design and 3D design is now available.
Since the quality of basic graphics has also been significantly improved, it can support up to 4K.

Pleasant and familiar genuine Windows

Pleasant and familiar genuine Windows

Windows 10 Type Desktop

With the latest features and familiar user interface, We offer the genuine Windows operating system that the largest number of users are using all over the world.
* Windows Server 2016 - Applying Windows 10 Theme

Non-Active X

Web standards

Non-Active X user experience

Active X is no longer required for virtual desktop connections.
In addition to Internet Explorer, you can use virtual desktops from a variety of web browsers, such as Chrome or Whale.

Reflecting customer feedback accumulated over 9 years

Since 2009

Reflecting customer feedback accumulated over 9 years

We provide the easiest and fastest cloud computer reflecting your feedback.