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Performance Beyond Virtual Desktops

The latest Dstation engine and ATC protocol supports overwhelming graphics performance.
- The top-level virtualization engine designed by the manufacturer provides a higher level of graphics performance.
- Automatic network optimization technology ensures optimal display even under poor communication conditions.

Cost-Effective Slim Desktop

Lowering initial cost enables a 30% slimmer desktop operation.
- We have accumulated 9 years of service know-how to meet the most necessary performance and price ratio.
- We have provided optimized performance through continued investment in the latest operating system and hardware infrastructure.

elcould is securely managed by security experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DaaS based on CC-certified virtualization engine
- It is made up of a virtualization engine that is built for information security in many enterprises and organizations.
- We have upgraded the security with the security expert-based regular management system and duplex H/W configuration.

An Instant Desktop with a Few Clicks

An easy desktop optimized for one-time use including development, testing, and training
- With just a few clicks, you do not have to spend a lot of time installing and configuring your PC.
- You can centrally assign or delete a desktop you need.

Management Difficulty No! Management at a Glance

Automated Real-Time Management Portal
- You can view the status of your virtual desktop at a glance via the dashboard and history management.
- Since it is possible to apply the policy for your use environment, internal data leaks can be prevented.