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  • [How to use] Can I use the elcloud service without installing the client?
  • You must install the client for the connection to use the elcloud service normally. If you did not install it, go to the client installation page and install it to use the service.
  • [How to use] After installing the desktop client, there is still the installation prompt.
  • If you use Internet Explorer, your browser settings may prevent the client from running even after installation is complete.
    In this case, close all Internet Explorer windows, run Internet Explorer again, and log in. You can use it normally.
  • [How to use] What kinds of web browsers can be used to access the service?
  • We will inform you about browsers and operating systems available for elcloud.
    Connection Payment
    IE Support Support
    Chrome Support
    Android Support (access after installing the dedicated app) Support
    iOS Support (access after installing the dedicated app)
  • [How to use] Where can I find my service sign-up details ?
  • You can check your personal service use history can be found on the My elcloud's Service Use Details page.
    You can also view your past services use history from the Service Use Details page.
  • [How to sign up] How can I check whether my payment is complete?
  • When the payment is completed, the payment completion window will be displayed. You can check the term of the service you are using the Service Use Details of My elcloud page to see how long g the service.
  • [How to sign up] Can I receive a refund?
  • Click the service you want to cancel on the Service Use Details page of My elcloud . We will only refund the service fee for the remaining period of service. However, if you fail to use the service due to Tilon's reasons, we have separate refund and reimbursement regulations.
  • [Membership / Withdrawal] Can one person sign up for multiple usernames(IDs)?
  • One person can only use one personal username(ID).
    Only one username(ID) per real name member is allowed.
  • [Membership / Withdrawal] How do I withdraw my membership?
  • Please click the Membership Withdrawal item on the My elcloud page.
    Once the withdrawal process is completed normally, the stored personal information will be automatically deleted.
  • [Membership / Withdrawal] I want to view / modify my personal information.
  • You can view and modify your personal information on the My elcloud page after login.
  • [Failures / Errors] The network was disconnected while using the service
  • The elcloud service use a structure in which a virtual desktop in the data center is connected over the network.
    Thus, it cannot be used when the network is disconnected. Check the disconnected network and reconnect it to use the service normally.
  • [Failures / Errors] I cannot connect to the cloud desktop.
  • If you cannot connect to the cloud desktop by pressing the corresponding button, please check the network connection status first and try to reconnect in about 3 minutes after clicking the Reboot button to restart the cloud desktop on the My elcloud web page.
  • [Failures / Errors] My cloud desktop stopped
  • Just like regular desktops, your cloud desktop may stop and/or fail depending on how it is used. In that case, click the Reboot button on My elcloud web page, and reconnect it after 3 minutes. It is recommended that you periodically save data such as documents you are working on.